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A live performance evolving over 7 hours from midnight till early morning, NOQTURNL is an immersive meditation investigating the imaginative potential of dreaming.

A collaboration with Berlin-based art director Florence To, NOQTURNL takes place in 4DSOUND’s fully omnidirectional sound environment. 72 participants lie on beds, listen to sounds evolving in the space and see a range of visual sequences such as light particles and flickering bands of colour, as they drift between waking and dreaming. These subtle patterns are designed to stimulate and enhance hypnagogia, the transitional state between waking and dreaming, a rich territory for creative association, idea generation and processing of memory and emotions.

Participants have described NOQTURNL as both a calming and inspiring experience, resulting in a feeling of relaxation, emotional warmth and even catharsis.

At heart, it is an ongoing investigation into how immersive technologies - omnidirectional sound, high-definition optics - can enable conscious navigation of dream.

NOQTURNL was commissioned as part of 4DSOUND's Circadian programme for TodaysArt in The Hague, 2015, with subsequent performances at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest.

Photograph: Georg Schroll