Interiority: An Overnight Listening Performance in 4DSOUND


Interiority is a listening-based inquiry into the potential for the mind to consciously remake itself. Performed entirely in the dark, spatialised sonic objects emerge as manifestations of inner experience – complex, symbolic representations of pre-verbalised mental constructs – interacting and mutating in physical space, allowing participants to monitor, process and re-contextualise their meanings. Integrating fragments of ‘memory’ into a cohesive whole, Interiority works with an experimental methodology that seeks to define a framework for consciously navigating psychological space, using spatialised sound design and narrative.

Attendees are invited to submit audio in advance, which will be woven into the evening’s palette, encouraging participants to monitor, process, and re-contextualise memories. Audio snippets should have significant personal meaning – for example, snippets from old family videos, personal thoughts or conversations captured on phone recordings, jingles and sonic memes remembered from childhood.

Interiority was premiered at MONOM, Berlin, as part of CTM Festival 2019.

Read an artist interview on the project with Berlin Art Link here.