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4DSOUND is a collective exploring spatial sound as a medium. In 2007, it began developing an integrated hardware and software system that provides a fully omnidirectional sound environment. 

I joined the project in 2014 as Creative Director to develop the long-term artistic and strategic direction with founder Paul Oomen and original partners Poul Holleman, Salvador Breed and Luc van Weelden. 

Since then, I have developed a series of large-scale conceptual showcases of the technical and artistic possibilities of the system; curated artist lineups and our residency series; outlined the project's creative direction in talks such as this one at CTM Berlin; and expanded on the philosophical implications of spatial sound in listening practices with long-form editorial on our website and for TedxDanubia's future-focused TXD Idea Book. I also co-developed performance interfaces such as the Techno Is Space and NOQTURNL control systems.

In 2015, 4DSOUND founded the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, a permanent facility dedicated to researching applications and possibilities of spatial sound.

Image: Georg Schroll