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4DSOUND is a collective exploring spatial sound as a medium. In 2007, it began developing an integrated hardware and software system that provides a fully omnidirectional sound environment. 

I joined the project in 2014 as Creative Director to develop the long-term artistic and strategic direction with founder Paul Oomen and original partners Poul Holleman, Salvador Breed and Luc van Weelden. 

I developed a series of large-scale conceptual showcases of the technical and artistic possibilities of the system including Circadian at TodaysArt, Points On The Curve at ZKM GLOBALE, and haptic techno research project Techno Is Space; curated artist lineups and our residency series; outlined the project's creative direction in talks such as this one at CTM Berlin; and expanded on the philosophical implications of spatial sound in listening practices with long-form editorial on the 4DSOUND & Spatial Sound Institute websites, including TedxDanubia's future-focused TXD Idea Book. I also co-developed performance interfaces such as the Techno Is Space and NOQTURNL control systems.

Image: Georg Schroll